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The use of military forces in domestic affairs - Lessons from the past, current issues and future developments

PfP - Conflict Studies Working Group 2017 Annual Conference
Montag, 29. Mai 2017 bis Freitag, 2. Juni 2017
Freitag, 24. Februar 2017

After a period characterized by expeditionary warfare and international missions, recent global events seem to underscore the domestic role of military forces.

This is not only the case in terms of territorial defense but also in terms of combating terrorism and providing domestic security. Obviously, this is not a fully novel situation as history can provide relevant examples of how the armed forces changed their role and missions as to tackle domestic challenges. Nevertheless, the scope and urgency facing contemporary military forces today represents a break with last decades’ developments. Furthermore, this contemporary use of armed forces in domestic affairs may present states operating under circumstances different from what characterized past centuries. This inter alia pertains to the legislative framework regulating the use of armed force on national territory and the legitimacy of this.

Sub-themes may include the following and other connected topics:

-   The use of armed forces in a hybrid war environment

-   The impact of the European migrant crisis and the remilitarization of border control systems

-   Redefining “enemies” and redefining “military tasks”

-   Possible developments in the (near) future

-   Legal issues connected with the conference theme

-   National experiences as regards the role of the armed forces in domestic affairs

-   The role of the armed forces during civil wars and internal conflicts in the 20th and 21st centuries

-   The use of paramilitary and reserve organizations in civil disturbances

-   Veterans as a public order force

-   Counterinsurgency at home

-   The militarization of law enforcement organizations through history

-   National doctrine development and the impact on the development of weapons, capabilities and military equipment.

While paper proposals on historical cases are indeed welcome and relevant, proposals addressing current developments and trends are encouraged.

If interested in presenting a paper kindly submit an abstract of the proposed paper (up to 500 words in English), and a short biography of the author. The abstract proposals should be sent to Jakob Brink Rasmussen (imk-08[at]fak[dot]dk) and Carmen Rijnoveanu (carmen_sorina[at]yahoo[dot]com).

The conference will be held in English and only English-language papers are accepted.

The acceptance/decline of the proposed papers will be announced no later than by the end of March 2017.

A conference volume is planned to be published in 2018. The deadline to submit a final version of your paper is November 2017.

There will be a Registration fee of  € 100.

Conference Venue:  Cercul Militar Naţional, Strada Constantin Mile 1, București 010141, România



Jakob Brink Rasmussen

Institut for Militærhistorie og Krigsteori

Svanemøllens Kaserne

2100 København Ø.




Marc Hansen



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