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Occupations in the Age of Total War - Micro Perspectives and Transnational Research

Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017 bis Freitag, 23. Juni 2017
Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2017

This conference showcases new and ongoing research on military occupations, their socio-cultural contexts and post-war reverberations. Focusing on European societies in the age of the two world wars, the conference will cover a wide range of topics and approaches.

It will explore how case studies that foreground individual agency and everyday experiences can enhance transnational research and vice versa. Thus the aim is to bridge the gap between micro and macro perspectives, and between local/regional and global/transnational approaches to the history of both World Wars.

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Registration Fees:  £150.00 (both days) | £50.00 (1 day)  --  £100.00 (Postgraduate Student - both days) | £30.00 (Postgraduate Student - 1 day) 

Conference Venue:  University of Kent at Canterbury, Keynes College (Keynes Lecture Theatre 5), Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NZ, UK



22 June 2017

11.00  Registration

12.00  Welcome and Keynote

Sophie De Schaepdrijver (Penn State/Kent):  Military Occupations, "Sacrifice", and the Social Contract in Two World Wars

13.00  Lunch

14.00  Session 1  -  Elites and Governance

Chair:  Nico Wouters (CegeSoma & Ghent)

Philip Boobbyer (Kent):  Pragmatism and Indirect Rule - Lord Rennell and Military Government in Africa and Italy, 1940-1943

Jan Naert (Ghent):  Governing under Occupation - Belgian and French Mayors during and after World War One, 1914-1921?

Jan Julia Zurné (CegeSoma):  Maintaining Order in Occupied Belgium? The Brussels Public Prosecutor's Office and Wartime Political Violence, 1940-1950

15.30  Tea

16.00  Session 1 (Cont.)

Markus Wahl (IGM, Stuttgart):  Dictated or Guided? Shaping the "New" Socialist Healthcare System in the Soviet Occupied Zone of Germany, 1945-1949

Peter Romijn (NIOD, University of Amsterdam):  Dutch Functional Elites in the "Long Second World War", 1940-1949

17.15  Break

17.45  Book Launch and Panel Discussion

Nico Wouters will briefly present his new book "Mayoral Collaboration under Nazi Occupation Belgium, the Netherlands and the North of France (1938-46)", followed by a panel discussion between the author and Pieter Lagrou (Université Libre de Bruxelles), Martin Conway (Oxford University) and Sophie De Schaepdrijver (Penn State/Kent), moderated by Stefan Goebel (Kent).

23 June 2017

09.00  Session 2  -  Spaces

Chair:  Stefan Goebel

Ismee Tames (NIOD):  Moving through Liminal Spaces in Occupation

Nigel Perrin (Kent):  Spaces of Resistance in Occupied Paris, 1940-1944

Christoph Mick (Warwick):  Two Occupations - Lviv 1914/15 and 1939/41

10.45  Coffee

11.15  Session 3  -  Social Groups and Dynamics

Chair: Bruno De Wever

Gertjan Leenders (Ghent):  Denunciation to the Enemy in Belgium during the First and Second World War

Helen Grevers (Ghent):  The People and the Purge - Grassroots Dynamics of the Punishment of Collaborators in Leuven, 1944-1947

Jovana Knezevic (Stanford):  The Transformation of the Serbian National Capital during the First World War

13.00  Lunch

14.00  Session 4  -  Experiences and Memories

Chair: Juliette Pattinson

Ludivine Broch (Westminster):  The Merci Train - Remembering the World Wars in 52,000 Objects

Cécile Vast (Franche-Comté):  The Experience of Resistance and the Issue of Collective Behaviour under Occupation in France - Memories and History

Barbara Deruytter (Ghent):  Popular Sentiments, Ideas and Experiences Expressed in Songs during and Shortly after the Occupation of Belgium, 1914-1918

15.45  Closing Comments

17.00  End of Conference



Dr Stefan Goebel

Centre for the Study of War, Propaganda and Society

University of Kent



Marc Hansen



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