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War and Imprisonment

Freitag, 11. Mai 2018
New York City
Freitag, 15. Dezember 2017

The capture and confinement of human beings has been-and remains-a central feature of warfare and periods of mass violence both within and between nation-states and among non-state actors. Prisoners apprehended and held during times of conflict-whether military or political-have been both blessing and curse to their keepers. While often valued as cheap labor and lucrative bargaining chips, the high costs-economic, social, political, and environmental-associated with mass imprisonment continue to challenge even the best organized bureaucratic states.

This conference seeks to explore these historical and contemporary dynamics across geographic time and space. The organizers welcome interdisciplinary scholarship on topics including, but not limited to, the following:

-   Prisoner of war camps

-   Prison towns

-   Civilian prisoners in wartime

-   Political imprisonment

-   Prison culture

-   Prison violence

-   Treatment of prisoners

-   Prison labor in wartime

-   Race, class, gender, and prison in wartime

-   Prison architecture and design

-   Environmental impacts of mass imprisonment

The organizers envision a program free of geographical, chronological, or methodological restraints.

Individual paper proposals of no more than 300 words and a short CV should be sent to Clarence Hall (chall[at]qcc.cuny[dot]edu) and Sarah Danielsson (sdanielsson[at]gc.cuny[dot]edu). Accepted presenters will be notified in early 2018.

Interested presenters may also be considered for publication in an anthology tentatively scheduled for 2019.

Conference Venue:  Graduate Center of the City University of New York, 365 5th Ave, New York City, NY 10016, USA



Clarence Jefferson Hall, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

History Department

City University of New York



Marc Hansen



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